The Camera Krewe

Hurricane Katrina vs. St. Bernard Parish
If you have questions about any photos, visit and e-mail the photographer, Randy Richards.


Along the Highways
369 heart-wrenching photos taken along the entire lengths of Judge Perez Dr, St Bernard Hwy, and Paris Rd.

Arabi Armageddon
110 photos from the Arabi area, including Arabi Park Middle, Bellarmine school, Carolyn Park Elementary, Carolyn Park Playground, DeMarillac school and several churches.

Bowling & Cinema
108 photos of the catastrophic damage inside the Chalmette cinema mall, as well as a glimpse inside the Arabi bowling alley. Includes Office Depot, Chueng Garden Chinese Buffet, Pets Plus, CATO fashions, and Goodwill.

Chalmette Catastrophe
187 photos of Vista Park, Buccaneer Villa (north & south), Village Square, and Genie St., including the hospital, government building, Memorial Gardens Cemetery, and schools. Many more Chalmette photos are in the "Along the Highways" album.

Chalmette Cinema Rebuild
The old Chalmette Cinema shopping center is being rebuilt. You can see a video of it here:

Deconstruction Reconstruction
46 photos of reconstruction. Wal-Mart parking lot is abuzz with activity. Schools are being gutted and refurbished.

Down-the-Road Devastation
68 photos of Meraux, Violet, and the city of St. Bernard. Includes Lexington Place, Myrtle Grove, boat launch, Merrick Cemetery, as well as Stage Door and Elite Dance academies. Many more down-the-road photos are in the "Along the Highways" album.

Fiendish Flood
56 photographs collected from other photographers, of varied sources and subjects. Amazing St. Bernard Parish flood photos!

Home Heartbreak
408 photos. Come inside these residences and bear witness to the destruction. Includes teachers Martha & Roy Bassett, Alexis family, Jane Broussard, DeJean family, Geraldine Forster, Laura Kliebert, Pam Merwin, Laura Zambrano, and Connie Richards (mom).

83 photos of schools, including Andrew Jackson, Arabi Park Middle, Chalmette High, Carolyn Park, Bellarmine, Beauregard Middle, Chalmette Middle, C.F. Rowley, DeMarillac, Lacoste, Smith, and St. Bernad High.

63 photos taken on 9/17/05 in Slidell. Includes Eden Isles and the home of Ralph & Dottie Richards (grandparents).

YATon Rouge Capitol Meeting
18 photos of the St Bernard Parish update meeting at the Capitol Building in Baton Rouge on 9/12/05.

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